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Date: 8th August 2016
High-Tempreture Deep Goove Ball Bearings
VISTA is one of the best high-tempreture deep goove ball bearings manufacturers and suppliers. With high-tempreture deep goove ball bearings for sale, you are able to buy cheap products directly through our website.VISTA?high temperature bearings are designed to deliver increased reliability, reduced complexity and decreased environmental impact in operating temperatures up to 350 ??C ?(660 ??F). Because VISTA?high temperature bearings correspond to the ISO dimensions of grease-lubricated bearings, production efficiencies and cost savings can be realized with a simple change to the SKF bearing solution. ?VISTA?High temperature bearings provide: ?reduced total operating cost through increased bearing service life ?relubrication-free operation ?1) ? ?reduced machine complexity ?reduced environmental impact ?excellent performance in hot conditions, dry environments and low rotational speed applications ?The environmental benefits of SKF high temperature bearings are so significant in many applications that they are included in the "SKF Beyond Zero" product portfolio. ?Typical areas where SKF high temperature bearings are used include: ?metals industry (cooling beds for steel plate) ?food and beverage industry (continuous baking ovens, wafer baking ovens) ?paint lines ?Assortment ?VISTA??offers a wide range of high temperature bearings and units according to ISO standards and also a range of ?customized high temperature bearings. ?Selection of an appropriate high temperature bearing is based on the bearing type and the operating conditions (primarily the temperature and speed) of the machinery. ? ?The VISTA?core assortment of high temperature bearings and bearing units corresponding to ISO standards includes: ?deep groove ball bearings ?(fig. 1) ? ?Y-bearings (insert bearings, ?fig. 2) ?Y-bearing units (fig. 3) ?fig. 1 ?fig. 2 ?fig. 3The assortment includes variants that contain food-grade lubricants registered by NSF as category H1 (lubricant acceptable with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas). The NSF registration confirms the lubricant fulfills the requirements listed in the US Food and Drug Administration's guidelines under 21 CFR section 178.3570. ?Optimized internal radial clearance ?Lubrication solution ?Ideal operating environmentCustomized high temperature bearings ?In addition to high temperature bearings corresponding to ISO standards, SKF offers a range of customized high temperature bearings. ?These bearings are customized for use in equipment such as automatic wafer baking ovens in the food and beverage industry, in industrial furnaces and in chains. Contact SKF for more information. ?1)With the exception of variant VA201 without shields, which does require relubrication.
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